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phraktalsnipe wrote in coast_to_coast
OK, i've been too hard on George..

When he first got on board, I fully supported him - because he had some big shoes to fill -and I had high hopes. Plus, you know - he seems like a nice guy ;)

As time went on, certain .. aspects of his interview style began to grate on my nerves and I found myself back peddling a bit, even getting INFURIATED at some of the comments or questions he aiming at guests.

A few nights ago it finally dawned on me.

George's strength is in conspiracy/political issues. It's that simple.

When the subject matter is supernatural/paranormal, he's just a regular guy with a regular guy's opinion (ie, not an "expert" as we've come to know Art to be, in these matters). And I suppose a bit of jealousy on my part ("I could ask better questions than that! Why isn't he bringing up the blah blah blah or referencing the blah blah blah?").

But when he has a guest on where the focus is anything but ghosts/hauntings/esp/paranormal activity/etc - specifically when the issues are political, historical, war related, etc - George *really* does shine.

I still think he drops the angels and shadow-people bombs a bit much ;) but otherwise i've come full circle and think he's doing a good job. A GREAT job with the conspiracy/war/politics stuff.

I just wanted to say that out loud, because i'm guilty of bashing him in here in the past ;)