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NWA Ghost Hunters Convention x-posted
psychokitten78 wrote in coast_to_coast
Hey all,

I just thought I'd put up a bit of a bullitin about an upcoming event in Arkansas. Hope people can make it. They've also lowered the price of tickets so that is always a good thing. It will be located in Eureka Springs, March 9th-11th


Guest Speakers Include:
Keith Age
Troy Taylor
Chris Moon
John Zaffis
Rick Hayes
Ron Milone (T.A.P.S. aka Ghost Hunters)
Larry Flaxman
Carroll Heath

With Special Apearances By:
Ghostly Talk Paranormal Radio (love those guys!)
Brian "Wheezy" Harnois (T.A.P.S.)
Rosemary Ellen Guiley

You know what else...you can not only GO...but you can also show your support for the silly girls of Ghost Geeks and get a shirt!