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mayaindyastar wrote in coast_to_coast
I was wondering if anyone could post the pics from this here...

I can't view them from their site (since it appears to be that I am "forbidden" to enter it at work!) & I am anxious to see them!


It looks like one less guest on C2C...
kev_dawg wrote in coast_to_coast
I saw this on AOL, and was redirected to this website


UFO Sightings in Arkansas
psychokitten78 wrote in coast_to_coast
Since someone asked...here's a report to a local news site (I'm like 5 min. from the town this was reported in)...there is a picture here.

Crawford County - KFSM 5 NEWS has received a number of reports of strange lights over northern Crawford County following a report last week that a retired Air Force officer had seen unusual bright nights north of Van Buren.

According to World Net Daily, retired Col. Brian Fields witnessed bright lights that were "not of this world" near KFSM's signal transmitter just north of Van Buren on Highway 59. Fields has so far declined to speak about the incident, but other residents of the area tell KFSM off camera that they have witnessed the same lights.

5NEWS reporter Sara Lasure is looking into the reports and will have the latest tonight on 5NEWS at 5 and 6 p.m.

The UFO sighting has been widely reported on the national media outlets and was featured on the popular news website DrudgeReport.com

And here's what's on the world net daily site about it...

They are wrong to say local news agencies haven't published or done any reports on it. I saw a report on this thing last week sometime...early in the week...Probably around the same time World Net Daily picked it up actually.