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miss proudmoore if youre nasty
sool wrote in coast_to_coast
no one posts here anymore, but i am sure a bunch of us are still listening. speaking for myself personally, i started listening 12-13 years ago when i was in high school. since then sometimes i've had to take breaks when the subject matter wasn't very interesting to me for months at a time or when i've had 9-5 jobs. about 3 months ago i started listening regularly again. i even bought a streamlink account! i can't really stay up all night now listening to the radio, even though i do feel uncomfortable with the whole clear channel/premiere radio network stuff - their programming isn't really my style.

i was kinda turned off by art bell leaving, since i have a big place in my heart for him. by this point though, i don't think george noory is doing that badly. i mean sometimes he is a bit laughable. there was a guy on recently who studied the roles of superstition in our brains and noory spent pretty much the whole time talking about how he was a special snowflake who just doesn't believe in those things and he will walk under ladders holding a black cat all day long. i wanted to shake him!

anyways, i just wanted to make a post cause its so dead here but i've started to listen again. and to celebrate this comm's nine year anniversary (!!!), i decided to change the journal layout. the icon stays though, cause its fucking classic

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I've been listening off and on for about 15 years - depending on my radio reception. I finally got a streamlink account as well, mostly so that I can choose which shows I want to hear.

George and Art are very different people though - Art asks real questions, but George is often hilariously credulous, and despite my early anti-Ian bias, I've come to really enjoy him. He does his homework, and he asks smart questions.

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