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miss proudmoore if youre nasty
sool wrote in coast_to_coast
no one posts here anymore, but i am sure a bunch of us are still listening. speaking for myself personally, i started listening 12-13 years ago when i was in high school. since then sometimes i've had to take breaks when the subject matter wasn't very interesting to me for months at a time or when i've had 9-5 jobs. about 3 months ago i started listening regularly again. i even bought a streamlink account! i can't really stay up all night now listening to the radio, even though i do feel uncomfortable with the whole clear channel/premiere radio network stuff - their programming isn't really my style.

i was kinda turned off by art bell leaving, since i have a big place in my heart for him. by this point though, i don't think george noory is doing that badly. i mean sometimes he is a bit laughable. there was a guy on recently who studied the roles of superstition in our brains and noory spent pretty much the whole time talking about how he was a special snowflake who just doesn't believe in those things and he will walk under ladders holding a black cat all day long. i wanted to shake him!

anyways, i just wanted to make a post cause its so dead here but i've started to listen again. and to celebrate this comm's nine year anniversary (!!!), i decided to change the journal layout. the icon stays though, cause its fucking classic

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The new layout looks great :)

I've been listening off and on for about 15 years - depending on my radio reception. I finally got a streamlink account as well, mostly so that I can choose which shows I want to hear.

George and Art are very different people though - Art asks real questions, but George is often hilariously credulous, and despite my early anti-Ian bias, I've come to really enjoy him. He does his homework, and he asks smart questions.

I really miss Art, but I keep listening because I still liked the guests (most of the time) and the callers.

in truth, it's hard to fall asleep without it.

I'm definitely still listening, and reading Livejournal! Still better than Facebook in my opinion. I've thought about posting comments about shows here in the past, but seeing how few people are on, it seemed kind of pointless.

I really like Ian. He's smart and asks good questions. The only thing I don't like is when he has stupid topics involving the mafia or things that are in no way paranormal or even conspiracy oriented. I can see things about politics, terrorism, or finance, but not the mafia. I just don't care. It's not even about criminal psychology, which IS interesting.

I do enjoy George. He has a somewhat soothing voice, but yes, he's silly and naive.

Anyway, glad to see someone around.

i am one of those who doesn't enjoy george very much. he seems like a nice enough dude, but he's not an active interviewer, so the shows are more like monologues by the guests. bo-ring.

i like ian a lot, though. so i still listen on weekends. he's smart and sassy, always seems prepared for the guests, and questions them well.

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