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babarambob wrote in coast_to_coast
Can't believe they wasted time with the con-man lawyer who is pressing a bogus lawsuit over Obama's birth certificate authenticity. He's basically a self-promoter trying to get Obama-haters to donate money to his web-site!

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Oh I missed the show. Was George hosting this guy? I miss Art. Art is pro-Obama, btw.

Oh... and the hospital in Honolulu where Obama was born, just released a statement last week stating that they've checked his records and he was indeed born in Hawaii. And for anyone wondering, since he was born in 1961, Hawaii was already a state, so people can't even argue that people born in a US territory don't qualify (that's not true, btw).

Yes it was George interviewing & he totally sucked up to the bozo lawyer, who basically just kept repeating his bogus allegations, which were based on "suspicion." I miss Art too....

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