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babarambob wrote in coast_to_coast
Can't believe they wasted time with the con-man lawyer who is pressing a bogus lawsuit over Obama's birth certificate authenticity. He's basically a self-promoter trying to get Obama-haters to donate money to his web-site!

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Oh I missed the show. Was George hosting this guy? I miss Art. Art is pro-Obama, btw.

Oh... and the hospital in Honolulu where Obama was born, just released a statement last week stating that they've checked his records and he was indeed born in Hawaii. And for anyone wondering, since he was born in 1961, Hawaii was already a state, so people can't even argue that people born in a US territory don't qualify (that's not true, btw).

Yes it was George interviewing & he totally sucked up to the bozo lawyer, who basically just kept repeating his bogus allegations, which were based on "suspicion." I miss Art too....

He hasn't produced a paper copy. As a matter of fact he refuses to produce ANY paperwork regarding his background. The govenor of Hawaii also sealed his medical records. What about the time that Obama spent in Indonesia? Also, Obama only has a certificate of live birth which anyone can get, citizen or not.

"He's a decent family man!" ~ John McCain speaking about Barack Obama

it's crap like this that make me want to discontinue my streamlink subscription. anyone hear anything about Art doing any more C2Cs? any word on the new year's prediction show yet?

This sort of thing would make me mad if it were on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh but the thing is, Coast to Coast is the ONE and Only place where this conspiracy stuff actually *belongs*, so it doesn't really bother me.
Besides, I like hearing about the 9/11 conspiracies so it's give and take :]

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