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phraktalsnipe wrote in coast_to_coast
man - i *really* miss Art.

coast to coast pretty much sucks lately. All the interviews sound like those stupid canned Tahiti Village casino commercials.

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"Ian Punnett is a much better host, His jokes are cheesy at times but he calls people on their BS and he really reads & researches what they’ve written."

Here HERE! Absolutely - that's my biggest complaint. George doesn't seem to know what the hell he's talking about, or have any kind of background info other than a 3 sentence blurb from a review at Amazon.com or whatnot, regarding the people he interviews.

well, unless of course he's interviewing some old washed up actor who has nothing to do with the point of Coast to Coast AM. Gotta love those random interviews with 70 year old one-hit-wonder singers and well-marinated hollywood geezers. NOT.

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