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phraktalsnipe wrote in coast_to_coast
man - i *really* miss Art.

coast to coast pretty much sucks lately. All the interviews sound like those stupid canned Tahiti Village casino commercials.

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(Deleted comment)
Having been a HUGE Art fan from waaaaaay back, listening to Noory just makes me sad.

Art transcended the medium. He actually has the ability to draw the audience through the radio into his room. His "interruptions" build suspense and provide terrific pacing, and make the audience participatory through him.

I really miss Art. I don't even really listen to Coast to Coast anymore. It just makes me miss Art more.

PS: Hey, I just saw your post in the other community! rofl. I recognized your animated gif avatar. :D

Edited at 2008-10-09 04:56 pm (UTC)

which other post?? 'cuz if you're talking about another Coast to Coast community, i only monitor this one..
you know, all the old Art Bell stuff is streamed 24/7 - details here - or just write me directly (from my journal) and i'll give more info. (not sure if the community rules here allow me to post that info or not).

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