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phraktalsnipe wrote in coast_to_coast
man - i *really* miss Art.

coast to coast pretty much sucks lately. All the interviews sound like those stupid canned Tahiti Village casino commercials.

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(Deleted comment)
Having been a HUGE Art fan from waaaaaay back, listening to Noory just makes me sad.

Art transcended the medium. He actually has the ability to draw the audience through the radio into his room. His "interruptions" build suspense and provide terrific pacing, and make the audience participatory through him.

I really miss Art. I don't even really listen to Coast to Coast anymore. It just makes me miss Art more.

PS: Hey, I just saw your post in the other community! rofl. I recognized your animated gif avatar. :D

Edited at 2008-10-09 04:56 pm (UTC)

which other post?? 'cuz if you're talking about another Coast to Coast community, i only monitor this one..
you know, all the old Art Bell stuff is streamed 24/7 - details here - or just write me directly (from my journal) and i'll give more info. (not sure if the community rules here allow me to post that info or not).

George Noory is single-handedly killing C2Cam. At times it sounds like a newage sewage lovefest for scammers and frauds with IQs under 100; the rest of the time it is the virulent, rabid Christbot Power Hour (with frauds & scammers who have IQs under 70). It is so morbidly apocalyptic-Christian now that he may as well just switch the whole bloody thing to one of the Yank Christian broadcast networks.

Another thing- George Noory needs to:
a) read the books/websites and research what his guests are presenting and
b) not spend the entire interview thinking of what HIS next point will be, instead of responding to what the guests have said.

The man seriously loves the sound of his own voice, and holds his opinions as sacrosanct. He’s an award winning journalist? Maybe in the “bloated, paranoid, gasbags with agenda category!” Wanker.

Ian Punnett is a much better host, His jokes are cheesy at times but he calls people on their BS and he really reads & researches what they’ve written. (I loved it when he gave Steve Quayle a measure—that deluded assclown needs to be taken down.) Punnett won’t let himself be shouted down and his religious viewpoint is well-formed (obviously, due to his ordination) yet he doesn’t use it to further a “paranoid end-of-the-world, anti-everyone progressive or intelligent agenda”.

George Knapp is so-so, and Rollye James is okay at times, at least she chose an interesting guest or two. Barbara Simpson was a moron and Hilly Rose was dull. Who have I missed?

And Art Bell? LEGEND. I wonder if he is peeved about how his show has been ruined?

I’ve been a C2Cam listener since before it was a nationally (much less, internationally) syndicated show; I lived in Arizona then, back in 1991 or so and would pick Art up as he broadcast on the big Vegas station late nights. Part of what helped my transition to living in Australia has been having C2C to listen to, even though Noory in C2C is like aspartame in soft drinks: the drink still bears a passing resemblance to its original, delicious predecessor but now you can taste the toxins and know that is slowly poisoning you.

"Ian Punnett is a much better host, His jokes are cheesy at times but he calls people on their BS and he really reads & researches what they’ve written."

Here HERE! Absolutely - that's my biggest complaint. George doesn't seem to know what the hell he's talking about, or have any kind of background info other than a 3 sentence blurb from a review at Amazon.com or whatnot, regarding the people he interviews.

well, unless of course he's interviewing some old washed up actor who has nothing to do with the point of Coast to Coast AM. Gotta love those random interviews with 70 year old one-hit-wonder singers and well-marinated hollywood geezers. NOT.

I also went from an almost nightly listener to a casual weekend listener to not listening at all. They have different styles. Art was definitely more engaging to listen to. If a complete nut-job was a guest- that didn't stop art from taking the leap and going along with what he was saying. Sure that was a bit ridiculous at times, but it was good radio.

George seems to have too many shows about shadow governments and other uninteresting topics where he just lets the guest ramble on.

I attributed this to his lack of experience around "the crazies". Hopefully in a few more years he'll get it.

If not- oh well.

im a newb here, dont tell me Art is dead though O_o

he's not dead - he's only doing 15 shows a year now tho :(

I miss Art too. The topics used to be interesting, when Noory took over, the show seemed to go w/mainstream topics. And I'm sooo tired of the "we're all doomed" shows he has too often.

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