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Shadow people
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biosyncorp wrote in coast_to_coast

Hi, if anyone can please respond to this I'd appreciate it & I'll try to make this short.
I was hoping to talk to someone that's seen shadow people or something like it and see if it matches up at all with what I saw.
I know I definitely saw something but it wasn't exactly like a Shadow person. I woke up (I definitely wasn't dreaming) and saw a humanoid figure that looked like it was kind of made out of space-time or something. It kind of rippled and faded into the wall like it had a cloaking device or just sort of dematerialized. I wasn't afraid of it at all and I just went right back to sleep feeling just dandy so I wouldn't mind seeing one again. I have a lot of peripheral sightings but I don't really think it's the same thing as what I saw that time. It was sort of like the descriptions I've heard of a shadow person crossed with something like what the Predator has. Sometimes I wonder if it was just a government agent with an invisibility cloak and not supernatural at all. It could have been some sort of hallucination but I don't do drugs or anything like that, plus it was very vivid and the wall that it kind of blurred into was about 15 feet away from me.
  I've also seen this happen with a spider type creature, maybe it was the same entity.
   Anyone else seen one of these?

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Relax, probably just a Government agent with an invisibility cloak......

yeah they are after you

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