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Got Anon?
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ankh_f_n_khonsu wrote in coast_to_coast
I'm curious. Where's coast_to_coast on the issue of Anonymous?

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I just wrote in about this!

I wrote in to the show about Anon. I haven't gotten a response, but I'm still hoping they'll cover this issue.

Here's some of what I wrote:

I was hoping you might do a show about the battle between Anonymous and Scientology. You may have already done so, and if this is the case I apologize for giving you information you've already got.

I should also add that the caller last night who "Rick Rolled" you was participating in an internet meme related to Anonymous and its home on the Chans. Rick rolling is when one uses deception to send music or video of Rick Astley singing, "Never going to give you up." It's a real eye roller, about six months ago it was hilarious. It's a meme, or a hiccup in internet culture where something catches on and spreads like wildfire.

Anonymous is very serious business, people like them control the future of the internet. They are both the sharks of the internet and its champions. A secret society, and perhaps the largest and most powerful of them all. Not an organization as much as a disorganization, yet there is something more complex going on than simply a collection of users. They are indeed more cruel together than they can be apart. Anon has been called a superconciousness, which says interesting things about group think on the internet.

Scientology and other forces of opposition claim that anonymous is wrong to do what they do, and that they believe anon is a threat to them physically (which sounds ridiculous to me, and yet they are essentially an army of hackers).

There are some influential known entities, such as Mr. Bunker (they call him Wise Beard Man) from Xenu TV, who has been working against Scientology for many years and who interacts with Anon individuals regularly.

I think it would make a very interesting discussion, especially if you managed to get a Scientologist and either an Anon or Mr. Bunker.

Again, I apologize if you've already done a show on this theme, if so I would like to know so that I might listen to it.

Thank you very much for reading this,

An Internet User

In the email, I included many links related to this phenomenon. I have a great deal for respect for Anon and a great deal of disdain for Scientology, but this issue remains somewhat subjective.

I know you guys want to get the word out and everything but what about all the hackers that are actually interesting such as that British kid who hacked into the US Defense Department and said he found a bunch of materials on UFOs?

Doing a show on Anon would be like doing an entire show on some high school kids smashing the mail boxes of their local scientologist "church"

Anonymous is NOT your personal army...

I think it would be best during this time of political chaos not to talk about anonymous lest the feds start calling us combatants.

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