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(no subject)
itslarryagain wrote in coast_to_coast
every time I hear Ed Dames talking about "remote sensing" Steve Fosset,
I really want to call in and ask him why in the hell he ain't found him on his own...

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Haha so true. One time a psychic called a place I worked to find out a price on something and I was like you mean you don't already know.

I was beginning to think this community was dead,first post I have seen since I joined it.

it's active from time to time, not much since Art Bell "retired"...

Ed Dames has got to be the most major asshole ever allowed on C2C ~ and if I hear him blather on one more time about his delusional snake-oil RV "proprietary protocols" one more time I'm gonna send him a psychic "kill shock!!! btw it was really SWEET hearing Art back LIVE last week ~ god do I miss his wicked laughter....

I think he got shot down flying over section 4 of Area 51 and crashed, therefore never to be found.

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