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Art's retirement
kev_dawg wrote in coast_to_coast
I kinda had the feeling that this was going to happen. It could eventually turn into a cry wolf syndrome, but I think that this is truly the last that we've heard from him because he's been through a lot in the last year and a half--after all, Art told all of us that suicide was on his mind and was damn near close from doing it. And even with the Woody Allenesque situation, raising yet another kid at his age is no small task.

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I'm wondering if he found that hosting a late night radio show, even two nights a week, is not compatible with having a small baby and a young wife who is a first time mother - which led me to think this retirement might not last forever. He sounded sincere when he talked about wanting to spend what time he has left with his family (which, I hope wasn't meant to suggest to the audience that he has some health problems). After the last three or four retirements it's hard to take this one as final. 62 just doesn't seem that old to me these days. You're right though he has been through some major stuff in the past 18 months.

Art will get REALLY bored in a few weeks....

I dunno, its kind of hard to get bored with a new baby in the house ;)


Well after a while guys tend to hafta make a run to the Hardware Store, ya know?


LOL - good point (in my case it was a run to the comic book shop, but i suppose its all relative)

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