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so, art's retiring...again
flaquita wrote in coast_to_coast
i guess it was inevitable, but art is retiring -- again.
i would imagine that this time it's for good.
i wonder who will take over the weekend shift. hopefully not ian putzwit.


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I don't know... I could see him coming back once the baby's a little older. Obviously having a newborn in the house is very stressful/exciting, but that won't last forever. I think he'll get bored with doing nothing by the time the baby is two.

Yeah, because that whole FOUR HOURS A NIGHT/TWO NIGHTS A WEEK work schedule is so TERRIBLY stressful for his mail-order bride. It's hard to look after a kid for that long.

You forget that the bride is barely out of childhood herself -- she probably needs a lot of help.

Anyway, it's not like Art needs the money. If he wants to spend more time with his baby, why shouldn't he?


Art could interview a chimney-sweep and make it interesting, witty & revelatory ~~~

(Deleted comment)
yeah, but i think this time it's for real. i can't imagine caring for an infant at that time of his life...

(Deleted comment)

Re: Art Bumper Music Help

Is that the one that goes "White bird must fly or she will die"? If so that one is called White Bird and its by a group called It's a Beautiful Day.

George will permanently host the first Sundays of each month. I will offer my own thoughts later this week.

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