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Aaron C. Donahue Rebroadcast Tonight!
art_of_misery wrote in coast_to_coast
Aaron C. Donahue's classic interview on Coast to Coast AM will be rebroadcast tonight, 10 July 2005.

Aaron C. Donahue is a Luciferian, occultist, psychic, and remote viewer. A natural born psychic, he was born into a family of psychics. As a remote viewer trained by Ed Dames, he is an expert within the field of ‘non-historical data.’ To prepare for this, he spent three years in total seclusion, remote viewing pi. As a consequence thereof, he has developed the ability to accurately remote view numbers, a skill that has allowed him to successfully and consistently win the lottery. His current ground-breaking work is focused upon the study and manipulation of particular numerical trends within specific world markets. Aaron is a certified remote viewing instructor who has appeared on TV Asahi in Japan & the Sci Fi Channel ‘In Search Of’ series.

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good show, i think i will listen to it again on streamlink

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